from the the  Mind Meets Matter CD:   

Moorish Maze

     Quiet Moves

     CD sampler of all the tracks:



a mix of older works:

From the Garlicks “Mutant Standards” CD:

Music for Theatre

“My funny Valentine” ( entire Garlicks arrangement)
2001 Antrobus Theme ( classical music for theatre, T.Wilder’s “skin on our theeth” )
“Freedom Jazz Dance” guitar solo ( Garlicks CD ) Main Theme ( 40ies style film score theme, “skin on ourtheeth” )
Extract from “Round Midnight” ( Garlicks CD ) Dramatic minor variation of main theme (“skin on our theeth”)
Extract from “Crystal Silence” ( Garlicks CD ) Tango for the extinct animals feat. Lisa Berg on cello ( “skin on our teeth”)


From the “Jazzperiments” CD:

Radio Jingles

“Summertime revisited” ( Jazzperiments CD) Radio Jingles, FM style..(Eldoradio)
Extract & solo from “Donna Bruce” ( Jazzperiments CD ) Radio Jingles techno style ( Eldoradio)
Cine Belval
Extract from “Long as you’re living” ( Jazzperiments)

TV Jingles

Extract from “Perpétuelle Intensité” (Jazzperiments CD) TV music station jingles, top 10 style…(Planet RTL)
Late night shows and sports…


“Mediation” by Andre Faber